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What Our Customers Say

So far, a couple of thousand rifle rounds on the new target. Many rounds to the frame and a hundred or so to the angled deflector plate. No damage, none at all. Not even a dent.

- Mike 4/8/2018

Thank you, Sparky! We love your targets!

- Claudia 5/3/2018

Thank you so much! The paddle did indeed arrive, and it looks great. The wedding was perfect as well, we were outdoors and it did start to rain during our set up, but the sun came out and everything was perfect by the time of the ceremony. I am taking that as a sign that we are pretty blessed, and I am just thankful for everything.

Don't worry about the shipping delay either, everyone had a great time at the range and the dueling tree was definitely the center piece of the action there. One guy hit it with an AR-15 after I told him specifically not to, but I insist on paying for replacement paddles once I have a moment (they still work fine, but there is a dime sized dent in them). You guys have gone way above and beyond what I ever could have expected from a manufacturer, and I won't be buying steel targets from anyone else. I hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you again for everything!

- Stephen S 4/30/2018

You might remember my wife ordered me several of your targets for Christmas a few years back. She was the one that was raised in Scottsville right by you. I work at a small police department, and as you can imagine, most of the guys I work with are avid shooters. I couldnt tell you how many thousands of rounds we have hit your targets with over the last 2 years, but it is considerable. We've shot 45 ACP, 9mm. 40, 44 and 357 mags; and on the rifles, 5.56, 7.63, 30-06, 308 and a 338 Lapua. It is this last round that convinced me to write to you. We set up the 15" gong about 100 yards out. The guy that owned the rifle was worried thinking he would "destroy" my target. I told him to go ahead and try. Well, the target got knocked down from the sheer force of the bullets after the first 20 rounds, but being lazy, we did not set it back up because the target face was still vertical. We shot another 30 rounds at it (with no swinging of the target), then went up to take a look. Unbelievably, not one round penetrated the target! The middle section was very slightly concave, but just barely. That was it....a 338 Lapua's only real effect was knocking the paint off and putting a slight bend in the target. He was flabbergasted...given he had shot at engine blocks before, from further away, and put rounds clean through them. Whereas your target just shrugged them all off like they were 22's. All I can say is we were all mighty impressed! Keep up the good work. Thanks.

- Jim S. 12/2012

I was given your deuling tree for chritmas and while at the range was asked if they are NRA approved. The reason for the question is that only NRA approved targets are to be used at our range, either way I think the dueling tree is great fun to use with my daughter who first used your targets at the N.H.police academy. Thanks for your time

- Peter M.

I liked your site

- Jim D.

Received the target yesterday- I couldn't be more pleased with it. Thanks. I have recommended you to some of my shoot club team mates - of which at least 1 has placed an order. Your products are 1st class, worth the cost, and sell themselves. 

- Michael M.

I received my order from you last week, gave it to my brother as a b'day gift and he loves it. Thanks

- Justin M.

I have several of your targets and really like them. I am proposing to my shooting club some improvements, including addition of permanently installed gong targets

- Chris D.

Thanks for your speedy responce.

- Ken.

We found your web site informative, user friendly, interactive and inviting.

- Gary D.

I love the targets. I still have several HV Gong plate

- David M.

Dave, Thanks for your fast reply,Our club wants to start with...

- Brent H.

cool site 

- Steven C.


- Greg H.

great site lots of goodies thank you

- Dennis P.

Dave, Went out to the range yesterday with the plate rack, I can't describe how pleased I am!

That is great!

Very pleased with the rack, it works great, need to be sure to bring a can of spray oil, but it worked great with both the MP 5 and the Kimber. Please add my name to your references, i'd be glad to give a big thumbs up!

Can you send me some of your business cards?, already had a couple of guys ask about where I got it, metaltargets.com!

Thanks a lot 

- Bob D.

great targets

- Jeffrey H.

Hi guys...been awhile. Still love those targets you made for me.

- Frank S.

thank u for ur time and i think these trees r really cool

- Brandon E.

Have placed a previous order and was pleased with the results.

- Joshua F.

Thanks. The last one I got is working out well. 

- Robert S.

I've been wandering around target sites for a few hours, and so far yours is the only one that has what I want, and still fits my budget; I'm interested in a basic HV (223,308 fmj) swinger with a base. but can you cut the gong to look like Hilary? I shoot out in the desert(Mohave), and think that if I can hit a 15"gong at 500yrds, I should be able to hit a sitting jack rabbit; you have a great web site, and thank you for your help. 

- Daniel Z.

Good Service

- Frank J.

hi dave... second time buyer here... my dueling tree and swinging man are holding up very well despite a pounding form the guys here at the range... keep up the good work, and add us to your reference list... thanks

- Paul L.

I ordered a couple of swinging targets from you a month or 2 ago and I have shot them several hundred times with my .223 and my .308. I LOVE THEM ! They are, by far, the best targets I have ever purchased. They stand up to whatever I can throw at them and they keep coming back for more. To me, there is much satisfaction in shooting at the 5" double at 300yds and seeing that "puff" of fragments and hearing the impact "gong". Thanks for making a superb product. 

- Nick W.

Target arrived today, now thats service. I am very happy with quality, price and speedy service. Thank you,

- Gary M.

This is my second HV gong from you...I am impressed by the product. 

- Robert C.

We purchased some of your fine targets for our club a couple years ago. We would like to purchase more this year. 

- Michael L.

I purchased a reset target from you folks a few years ago - it has performed well! However, I now need some new 4" gongs (3). 

- John S.

I bought one of your dual spinning targets a year ago and have been using it happily ever since.

- Matthew D.

I had emailed you before Christmas with several questions regarding your targets. I eventually ordered the 6 paddle magnum dueling tree and a triple high velocity spinner. I wanted to say thank you for helping me make my decision. My husband was very happy too. We hope to try out the deuling tree today. I also want to thank you for the bonus gopher target. It was in our box and I noticed that you didn't charge us for it. Thank you. Once our targets wear out we will be sure to order more from you guys ... Thanks again. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! 

- Kathleen L.

My daughter gave me my deuling tree for christmas I could not wait to try it. I am home on leave and the only thing that was disappointing was running out of ammo before running out of daylight.

- Peter M.

I recieved my 6 paddle dueling tree yesterday. I am excited to start using it but I goota wait for santa to give it to my 9 year old son. ... thanks and merry christmas. 

- Don B.

I want to commend you on your excellent products and service. I'm the proud owner of a tall boy HV 15" gong that is a hoot to shoot at 600 yds and beyond! This is an excellent tool for gaining confiednece in my long range shooting...now I just need a longer range. 

- Justin B.

Hi. I recieved my paper target stand today,and i got to tell you, I am highly impressed with the design and construction of it! Especially the thumb screws to tighten the wood stakes. I can't wait to use it! A popper target and the hanging target for my 50BMG are next on my list! ... Thanks again! And keep up the excelent work! 

- Chris R.

just wanted to tell you that my custom order police target swinger is awesome... i bought the high boy with the stand version and set up was a breeze... i punished it with about 300 rounds of .40 S&W on its very first appearance at the range and it performed perfect... no splatter toward the line, a resounding "clang" when hit and expert craftsman ship and attention to detail... just like the dueling tree i bought last time... another two-time satisfied customer... thanks, dave... let me know if you ever want a reference

- Paul L.

This is one fine piece of equipment. 

- Fred B.

I have your dueling tree and love it and is always a hit with my buddies. I always get invited to go shooting and asked to bring my targets. 

- Terry S.

About 4 years ago, our club (Walpole Sportsman's Association) purchased 5 Large Magnum pepper popper tagets from you. After much use (and some abuse) it is time for us to replace the somewhat dimpled target plates - I would like to get a price quote for 5 Large High Velocity pepper popper plates (the bases are still in excellent condition). 

- Steve R.

The targets worked great and we have used them at several events with great success. I hope to scrounge up enough money to buy another set soon. I can't think of anything we should change. The targets performed perfect.

- Coyote C.

I was glad to found your sight!... 

- John M.

I think you did a great job on the targets you made for me. I will continue to push your product to people I meet. 

- Craig M.

... Incidently, we are quite pleased with them.

- Warrant Officer George W.
  Master Sniper Cell, Infantry School

I purchased a Dueling Tree target from you a couple of months ago with six targets and really enjoy using it. 

- Mike H.

This is my second order in as many months (for the same target.) Once again, you guys (gals) are the best and so are your targets. God Bless,

- Tom C.

I have ordered other targets from you when I lived in Houston Texas and love your stuff 

- Scott R.

Good service 

- Frank J.

I have ordered other targets from you when I lived in Houston Texas and love your stuff 

- Scott R.

still like the swinger and the frame idea... i have a couple of big items on auction at e-bay and when they sell at the end of the week, i will place an order... thanks for your solid-made stuff and quick replies... add me to your reference list anytime... i WILL be in touch 

- Paul L.

i love my dueling tree i bought from you guys... 

- Paul L.

I recieved my tall boy 10" gong target (with stand and extra 6" HV bolt target.) the day before yesterday. I am very pleased with everything about this target. It appears to be very well built and is exactly what I have been looking for. Thank you....

Again, great work and you have my heartfelt thanks for the great target. 

- Tom C.

P.S. I love your products!

- Russell W.

Just found your site! What an excellent choice of targets. Just really getting into spinners and they are fun. I will be back later. The decision of what I want first is going to be the hard part. 

- Slim L.

It has been a while. And we have had a chance to work out your/my targets. I felt I should give you'all some feedback

My grandson LOVES shooting with HIS new targets. I love shooting with him at HIS new targets. My son just got back from you-know-where on leave, he really likes the look of 'em, and can't wait to get to the range with us !!!

I really couldn't be happier with your product. Your customer service, from order to delivery to target set-up, is excellent, just top-notch !!!!!

I am so gratified that I asked you for suggestions, Dave. You must be a good kid at heart.

I still have my mind set on some rifle targets. When I get them, I will get them from you.

You guys ARE great ;-)

Thank you, kindly, for the experience ................................. 

- Roger W.

Hi There, Your targets are a brilliant idea and I wondered if it would be possible to ship them to Mainland Greece, I am starting a practical shooting range there. 

- Bernie M.

Hi...I purchased a 12" "gong" target a few years back, and am very pleased with it. 
- Dan H.

Cool Website!!

- Jason M.

Here attached some pic of your products in our shooting facility. If you want put they in your gallery. Surely we 'll have some new business with you.

- Delta Firearms Academy

Hi, I recently bought a rimfire dueling tree and love it! Anyway, I definitely want some more of your targets in the future

- Philip C.

I'm so glad I found your website and company...I can't wait to shoot my 45-70 and hear the ping! 

- Alan B.

Keep up the good work!

- Brice W.

I purchased a target from you last year. I am very pleased with it. At this time I am considering buying additional target faces to interchange with the stand I have now.

- Michael C.

Dave - thank you for the quick follow-up on my e-mail'd question about "high velocity" - got you an order! ;) 

- Jac S.

Love your stuff. :)

- Dave F.

I have purchased some of your targets as you know. The last ones you sent i.e. the NRA rimfire spinners mounted one to a set up, are made stout, and are holding up very well. The dueling tree is a good design and is holding up fine.

- Bill G.

Hi, I have three of your Large, Single, High Velocity Gong Spinning Targets. ... Several other people at the club have started bringing your Spinning Metal Targets, so word of mouth pays off. ... Thanks a lot. Love your targets. 

- David M.

I purchased a metal spinning target from this site awhile back and have been happy with the target. I have hit the target repeatedly with 308 rounds and the metal plate shows very little if any wear.

- Steven M.

First of all I wanted to thank you for making such a great target. I got to try out the 15 gong I bought from you this weekend and it was great.

- Ralph T.

I am very pleased with your products. The Hi-Vel plates held up fine ... I have had more fun with your targets, the best money I've in along time!!!!!!

- Vincent D.

I think your website is great, hope to do more business with ya.

- Frank W.

I've used them and they are quite impressive. Am looking forward to owning some!

- Glen B.

By the way your site is top notch for information and accessibility. 

- Neal S.

Received the shipment on Tuesday (2/1) All seems to be O.K. I'll will assemble them next weekend and give them a workout. Thank you for the gift of the Coyote target, I do appreciate it.

- Tony R.

I only got to shoot the NRA Quad Spinner and one of my 2/3 IPSC plates. After two boxes each of .38 and .40's and over 150 .22's, I was shooting by the headlights of my truck because I was having so much fun! 

- M.

Got the targets yesterday, my wife was out shooting them at noon today. Thanks 

- Bill G.

Finally got out to the range with shooting associates, they are all impressed by your targets (but not willing to share cost, isn't that always the way it is...) Thanks for a great product, they exceeded my expectations. You should seriously consider coming west to one of the Crossroads Gun Shows in Phoenix, I know you would make a lot of friends...!!! 

- Tom R.

I got a 3-in-1 combination target for xmas, and I love it. The duelling tree is a great training tool - and fun.

- Brian E.

Thanks. The new target is just what I wanted.

- Lee A.

you are the best company in the world.

- Karen

Hello. Years ago i purchased a 12" gong from you and love it!

- Tim L.

I purchased a couple of your IPSC swinging targets and a dueling tree a couple of years ago and I love them.

- Dave F.

Thank you guys a lot for all the help, by the way you're guyses products are so awesome and I personally would recommend them to any one... Keep up the good work. 

- Mike B.

I received the poppers I ordered today and just wanted to let you know that I am impressed with the construction of them. I've competed in IPSC competition for 15 years now, and I've seen a lot of different brands come and go. If these hold up as great as they look your company should do very well. I'll be spreading the word to the other guys who run IPSC clubs about your products. I also appreciate the speedy delivery. They'll see a lot of use in this years Mid-Atlantic Section Championship August 27-29th and may even be on TV.

- Howard C.

Congratulations on an excellent web site.

- Randy T.

Hello, I bought one of your metal targets for our department. I told the "guys", using the targets in the normal fashion, be rough. I told them to try and break it if you can. They couldn't. You make a very solid product.

- Kenneth B.

Just wanted to say thanks for your great targets...we were shooting at them yesterday...they work great.
I gave you a little blurb on one of the forumshttp://www.masscops.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=35821#35821
The folks at Metal Targets are a pleasure to deal with, respond quickly to questions, and have some great products.
I've got a bunch of the pepper popper's full sized and reduced, some of the dueling trees, and some custom designed targets with resets. The guy is very LE friendly, gives great discounts and will work with your department on getting you want you need.
You can see more info or order direct at: 
Thanks Again 

- Craig S.

Great products and a great web-site!!

- Mike T.

My shooting buddies and I have all used your metal targets and like them a lot. We don't have to change paper and the target moves to indicate impact. 

- Dan H.

Hi. I received my 6 paddle dueling tree a couple weeks ago and have used it several times since along with my son. I must say I am pleased with the purchase. ... The rimfire paddles have received numerous .22 rounds and sustained no damage other than to the paint job. I believe this will target will provide my family and I many years of shooting enjoyment. Thanks.

- Brent B.

Great website and love your selection of moving targets. 

- Mark E.

You made a custom swinging NRA Pistol Target for me and a set of ten pistol chicks over a year ago. I have been very pleased with them. 

- Robert K.

The targets are great. I have not seen any better. I wish my friends could hit the circles and not the frame! 

- Kevin G.

What a great California day for shooting! 65 degrees! Had some friends over to try out spinning targets. ... But the big hit of the day was the dueling tree. The fastest time of the day for turning all the arms around was 6 seconds. Everybody also liked the 50 yard spinning target. Wish you could have been here. 

- Kevin G.

The targets are working out very good so far, I may be purchasing more in the very near.
Thanks, you can also use my company as a referral any time. 

- Mario Martinez Jr. CEO 3/2004
HRT Training Corp. Inc.
(813) 477-4616


- Wesely C.

I just received the triple spin 25 min after I e-mailed you the quality is excellent (best I've seen) 

- Arthur R.

Dear Mrs. Kasinski,
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the targets. I shot them this weekend, and I am impressed. The design and material selection assures me that you make a quality product. I will definitely be placing additional orders with you soon.

- John H.

I have bought you targets for rimfire and magnum. I have been impressed with them and have enjoyed them. 

- Catherine K.

The resettable target rack is just great!! What an ingenuous idea. I plan to shoot the dickens out of it this weekend. Weather for southern New Mexico this weekend is bright sunshine, no snow and a high of 55 degrees. 

- Pete D.

Hi Dave:
Sorry for the delay in responding to your last e-mail. Yes we did receive the dueling tree and we are having a blast. I have a dual range in the basement that is 50' long and we do not have any more splatters with the tree than we have had at any other time so no big deal. We handle coffees that are grown all over the world. If you have a particular favorite let me know and I will get you some at a very good price. We roast our own coffees and are fanatics on quality and freshness.

- John

Very well done site! Easily one of the best firearms oriented sites in the industry. 

- Pete D.

Hi Dave,
I received my targets and I want you to know they are perfect! They are exactly what I was looking for! You can count on future orders from me! Thank you! Completely satisfied, 

- Justin W.

I purchased your dueling tree a few months ago and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I now have a M1 Garrand and would like to find something to use it on without hurting anything. I am interested in the hanging gong. 

- Terry S.

There should be a check-box above on this page for "Rave Review".
I got my shipment of targets in yesterday, but couldn't get to the farm to shoot because of a birthday party, (mine). THESE TARGETS ARE AWESOME!!! 
I only got to shoot the NRA Quad Spinner and one of my 2/3 IPSC plates. After two boxes each of .38 and .40's and over 150 .22's, I was shooting by the headlights of my truck because I was having so much fun!
Thanks for the great communication and an even better product, also for the extra crow that you threw in. I can't wait for my AR upper to get here next week to go shoot the new coyote. I will begin saving up for a combo target and some other goodies. I also will recommend your targets to my gun club and to my local PD training officer, who I shoot with regularly.
Thanks for everything, I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 

- Taylor M.

This is Matt P. You had sent me a 6" steel plate to test out with my big gun(338 Lapua). HMMMMMMM well where should i start .I made it to the range today and gave the plate a work out. Kept smackin it at 600 yards but didn't look like solid hits. Plate was fine. Soooooooo we said hell let's see what it can take. We were gonna bring it into 300 yards but i said bring it to 200. I wasn't using my full strength load today but still has ALOT of energy .Our main concern is if this is a bigger plate, say like the 15" gong will it take the abuse and will it bend after so many hits. I must say my buddy and I are dumb founded .We fully expected to punch a clean hole through it at 200 yards .I don't know what type of steel you got but HOLY CRAP didn't even leave a dimple.
Absolutely great product and look forward to doing business with you. 

- Matt P.

Very good looking & presentable info with good customer comments 

- Dewey D.

Great website! 

- Tiggy B.

I have had more fun with your metal swinging targets, than I have had at the range in a long time. I have three high velocity(HV) stands and would like to purchase additional HV paddles. 

- Floyd O.

If you are looking for steel targets, give these guys a try. Their customer service is awesome and I received the target 4 days after ordering it. Unheard of in today's market. 
-miniGLOCK26 - posted on GlockTalk.com

Dave has been an absolutely wonderful businessman, in dealing with all of my questions and fears regarding ordering metal targets for my range.
He has even offered to take the targets on vacation with him to allow them to be closer to me so I could pick them up, instead of shipping 200 pounds to Canada.
I cant wait to have them in place on my range, and will certainly give a range report as soon as they arrive. I would highly recommend if you are looking at reasonably priced metal targets that you contact Dave, you wont be disappointed. 

-Ian - posted on CanadianGunNutz.com

There are a lot of products on the internet being advertised as high quality and of good value. But when they arrive in the mail, the product does not match up to the website's claims. In your case though I was VERY impressed. Other steel targets I have purchased were thin and cheaply made. After an afternoon of shooting even small caliber guns, they were destroyed. Your product shows pride in manufacturing. Even though this product was made to be shot at, and not admired, the welds were clean and smooth. The target material looks like it would laugh at anything short of a .50 BMG hit. Thanks for making a quality product at a fair price. I will be ordering from you again in the future.

- J. S.

I cannot thank you enough for the prompt and professional service you provided us with in the purchase and prompt shipment of your products. As firearms instructors, the recruits? training ultimately is our first priority. With the assistance of first rate reactive target systems, such as the ones that you have provided, we can ensure that they are receiving the best training possible.

Your targets construction and quality, especially the thickness of the steel, coupled with the extremely low pricing, make this an almost ?no brainer? when it comes to buying steel target systems from your company. The other companies couldn?t even come close. Your targets endure thousands of handgun caliber hits each class without even the slightest defect or failure.

I would again like to thank you very much for the time, effort, and care that you put into making our purchase the success that it was. You will definitely be getting more business from me in the future. 
- Officer Allan G., Municipal Police Training Academy Firearms Instructor

Just wanted to send a confirmation that I got the dwelling tree this morning. I'm thrilled with the targets and I ll be in touch in the spring to order more. Thanks Again.

- Chuck H.

Just received my triple mag spinner and i gotta tell you i'm impressed at the quality, I took it out today and had a blast with it, Also I really commend you on your fast shipping, I received it 3 days after ordering. I'll be ordering more in the future.

- George E.

My frame, plate, and prairie dog are holding up well. Thanks for a quality product.

- Tony F.

Your targets are awesome !I Can't believe the quality of the steel and the thickness. Thanks, you'll be getting business from me again.

- Allan G.

I received my Magnum Reset Target and my 6-position dueling with both sets of plates. I have to tell you how much fun we had blasting away at them. My Brother and I and both of our wives shot over 4000 rounds of assorted ammo over the weekend. And the targets are no worse the wear. My brother liked them so much he will be touch with you soon. Thanks for a quality product and excellent service. I'll be telling everyone I know about you.

- Wayne R.

I received my Combo Target two weeks ago and I've been shooting the snot out of it. It's fantastic. THANKS!!!

- Joe G.

I had a chance to try your targets with the .17 cal. They worked great both the swing and the knock down. I tried them out next to some of you competitors targets, needless to say the competitors do not even come close to your targets. Thanks for all of your help.

- Dennis P.

I just received my new Combo Target. BRAVO!!! How great is this thing? I can't wait to shoot it. I currently have the terrorist/hostage target set up in my office.... the co-workers love it!! Thanks again.

- Joe G.

Just received my set of 6 knock-down plates yesterday and gave them a good workout today. I was very impressed by the quality and workmanship of your product. Now I am trying to decide which of your products to order next. Thank you for the extra target that you included with my order. I also want to thank you for filling my order in such a speedy manner. TAKE CARE

- Jack K.

I set up and used my new targets from you today and I wanted to tell you that I'm very happy with them! They work great and are quality products. I also wanted to thank you for the two little pigs you included for free. I especially like the one you soldered a smiley face on!

- Frank S.

It came to day. Very impressive. Good sturdy construction

- Kim A.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the 8" spinner and stand last week and did a bit of shooting over the weekend. I am completely impressed and satisfied with the quality of your product! Thanks a bunch!

- Andy C.

Hello Dave, I just wanted to let you know that your biathlon target has helped. Shannon and Tim did real well at the Empire State Games in Lake Placid. They both won their individual classes and they also won the team relay. They each won two gold medals. Thanks again.

- Tom M.

Hey, got the targets I ordered last week. Awesome! They weighed 3x what I had expected. 

- Mark

Man, these Dueling Trees are a blast! The "Coyote" is too cool.

- Thor

I received the order and love your targets!

- David

Your site rocks!!!!! You guy's (gals) have a lot of great ideas. Keep up the good work.

- Lawrence

Received dueling trees last night in the mail. Looks to be a fun thing, I'll show it to the boys on Monday night at the Troop meeting.

- Flem

I purchased one of your first dueling trees a few years ago for the Department. We have shot thousands of rounds at it with MP5 sub guns and pistols. It has given us an interesting variety to our training.

- Police Officer

I got the targets today. They look great! Can't wait till I get to the range and try them out. You did an excellent job.

- Irvin

Had the two 1/2 scales, one 1/3 scale, and one "re-setter" out yesterday for fianc?, Cathy and my sister, Yvonne to "play" with -- they had a ball!!! The resetter is far and away the most popular with new or novice shooters! Bottom line: we had blast we'd never have had without my "inve$tment" in your steel.

- Thor

I finished with my final exams for my master's degree yesterday afternoon and I was able to get home in time to get my gear together and head out to the range for a little target practice with the target that you recently made for me. Sir, that thing paid for itself in the first night! That was almost too much fun to be legal. Everyone else on the range was shooting at paper targets so I started drawing quite a bit of attention with all the racket I was making. With a mighty satisfying "CLANG!" if it was a good shot. I don't think I'll go back to shooting paper targets any time soon! The only problem that I have with the target is that now I'm going to have to spend more money on ammunition because I'm going to want to go out and shoot more often!

- Stephen

I just wanted to say thanks for the great products and fast shipping! I ordered the 6 paddle dueling tree and also the double paddle spinning target and they are well-made, excellent pieces of work! The price was right, and the shipping was fast! Great work guys!

- Drew

Just got back from "breakin' in some "reset" 2/3 size poppers of yours which I ordered ...Great stuff and I'm convinced I MUST get some for my own personal practice sessions!!!

- Thor

Wanted to thank you again for the target/frame that I purchased a short time ago. It's great. Have used it several time with 223, 308, 30-06, and 45-70 rifles and am very pleased with it.

- Tony

Hi! I received the reset target yesterday (Thursday) and am rally very impressed with quality and appearance. 

- George

I just got a set of 3 paddle rimfire spinners for my son. We took it out to the range Saturday and he was thrilled. This provides a wonderful feedback to let him know how he's doing. I'm very impressed with the quality. This target should just about last forever. You used very heavy steel and put it together so there are no week points. I also appreciate the little target you added. My only problem is that I'm now envious of my son. I guess I'll be ordering one of your dueling trees pretty soon.

- Steve

I received the target last week. I *really* like the looks of it. Heavy duty. I appreciate the kindness on your part in helping me out this way (in getting the right target for my needs). I have not...nor will I forget ...your kindness to me. Thanks again! Your friend,

- Joe

Congratulations, on getting a Home Page. I bought some knock down plates from you while stationed at Ft. Drum, NY. They are still being used at the Sackets Harbor Sportsman's Club in Sackets Harbor, NY. They are great targets and work/ed very well for us. To bad I'm in Korea now and don't get a chance to shoot anymore. At any rate, I just wanted to tell you keep up the good work.

- Robert H. (a US Serviceman stationed in Korea)

The Dueling Tree is a fine product. It works as advertised and I've enjoyed shooting more since I purchased it. Thanks for producing a good product...and thanks for the personal service. I have a friend interested in purchasing one also...
Thanks again...and happy blasting!

- Andy

I received the targets you sent to me. Very impressive... I have to bring these up to the club to show the others.
Nice WEB page. Your dueling trees are dirt cheap!! Can't believe you can make and sell them for that. $5.00 a paddle is about as close to free as you can get. I would be very surprised if you are not overrun with orders.

- Rob S.