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Steel Targets

Steel Shooting Targets Made in the U.S.A!

What do you shoot for practice? Bottles and cans can leave the ground littered with sharp debris, and poorly-designed stationary steel targets can cause dangerous ricochets. The safest targets are reactive metal targets, made from high-grade steel. Here at Metal Spinning Targets, we manufacture our own metal spinning and reactive targets. Our rimfire targets are created from 1/4 inch thick mild steel and coordinating frames are made from 1/2 inch thick steel bar. Our rifle grade high-velocity targets are crafted with laser-cut, 500 Brinell steel paddles.

Fun for More Than One

Some of our most popular targets include our collection of dueling trees. Each plate pivots 180 degrees from right to left and from left to right. Plates appear bright red on one side and golden yellow on the other side. With the dueling trees, two shooters can stand next to each other and "race" to see who can hit all their plates first. These unique targets are available with two, four or six paddles. Choose from magnum or rimfire plates.

For truly diverse training, see our three-in-one combo model, which includes a six-paddle dueling tree, sniper/hostage, and paper target holder, all in one convenient unit. This comprehensive product offers enough different ways to shoot to keep you from getting bored with one style. Plus, by purchasing the three-in-one, you'll enjoy significant savings over purchasing the separate units.

Whether you're a "plinker" or a professional marksman, you're sure to find metal targets that suit your own specific needs. We manufacture spinning targets, dueling trees, pepper poppers, life-size animal targets, plus military and law enforcement training targets. View our wide selection of products, or contact us to learn more about great reactive targets we offer.