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Target Practice

For Quality Custom Shooting Targets, 3 Gun Targets, Dueling Trees & More!

Here at Metal Spinning Targets we enjoy shooting, and we know you do too. It is this enjoyment that has led us to design high-quality metal targets that are both durable and useful. We paint our plates with high-visibility colors so you can easily keep track of your progress and accuracy. Along with high-quality steel shooting targets, we also produce durable target stands will ensure that your targets stay positioned exactly where you want them. Each target stand is made of only the highest quality materials and are custom made to help meet the ideal target height for the average standing shooter to ensure you get the most out of your target practice session.

Reactive Metal Targets

There are many features of our targets that work to enhance the shooting experience. Every time you hit your mark, your successful shot is rewarded with an intense spinning action, plus the ring of the steel. For a unique and convenient variation, try our original design auto-reset target. Four steel plates (three are round and one is square) are suspended from an overhead bar. As you shoot each round plate, they swing up and lock out of sight. Shoot the square plate to reset the unit and all four plates reappear.

With this unique design, there's no need to worry about destroying the pivots and catches because we've added a protective shield to increase its longevity. The new magnum version includes five round target plates plus one square reset plate. The reset design allows for hours of uninterrupted shooting practice.

Additionally, we offer a wide selection of high-quality steel targets in half-size silhouettes, falling plate racks, various specialty targets and a "gong" swinger. Whether you're buying for a gun club, professional target practice or your own recreation, choose from the high-quality steel targets we offer here at Metal Spinning Targets.