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Metal Shooting Targets

Whether You Need Metal Targets, Reset Targets, or Target Stands, Metal Spinning Targets Has You Covered

We all know that not all shooting targets are created equal. It is not only a matter of materials used, although that is important. High-quality metal targets also utilize superior designs and construction, which not just any metal target can match. Here at Metal Spinning Targets, we design and create our targets to withstand the test of time, and manufacture our targets with both longevity and safety in mind. We offer a variety of metal shooting targets to satisfy a wide range of calibers and shooting distances, as well as skill levels. Our rifle grade "high-velocity" targets are made from 500 Brinell steel to withstand repeated uses.

When Shooting Metal Targets, Safety Is Key

Because our targets are designed for safety and longevity, you won't have to worry about picking up sharp metal fragments or glass debris like you would after shooting bottles and cans. Of course, if you enjoy shooting whiskey bottles and tin cans, you might want to try our Western cowboy target shapes. With these high-grade targets, you can have the classic look you want, without the dangers associated with lower quality targets.

Although we hold each and every one of our targets to the highest safety standards, it is still important to follow basic safety precautions while shooting. Be sure to stand a safe distance from the target (25 to 50 yards depending on the velocity) and everyone in the vicinity should wear eye protection. It is also recommended that one wears long sleeves and pants.

Unlike targets made from paper and cardboard, if used properly our metal targets will not need to be replaced. We also manufacture secure stands to ensure that the targets will stay where you want them. Choose from dueling trees, spinning targets, silhouettes and more. Once you've chosen a style of target, next you'll make your selection based on whether you're using rimfire, centerfire handgun, or centerfire rifle. At Metal Spinning Targets, we are sure to have a quality product that will suit your target practice needs and preference.

We can also create custom targets to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to call or drop us an email and let us know what you need.