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Target Ratings

Target Ratings

Choose the right target model for your shooting needs! We’ve designed our targets for safety and for maximum action for the type, velocity, and distance of your target practice.

Model Rated For Minimum Distance Plate Birnell Rating
Magnum 9MM, 10MM, 40S/W, 357, 44S, 44M, 45ACP, 45LC & equivalents. 25 yards 230
Rimfire 22 ONLY 25 yards 230
High Velocity .223, .308, .30-30, .30-06, .45-70 & equivalents. At point of impact, terminal velocity can not exceed 3200 ft/sec. 100 yards 500+

Shooting Hazards

  1. Shooters and bystanders must wear safety glasses and hearing protection.
  2. Always maintain a minimum shooting distance of 25 yards (100 yards for high-velocity shooting).
  3. Use only cast, swaged, or soft-nosed jacketed bullets.
  4. Never shoot at any metal targets with steel BB’s or full metal jacketed bullets.
  5. Metal Spinning Targets, Inc. does not accept any responsibility beyond refund or purchase price for damages and injury sustained from the use or misuse of this product.