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Law Enforcement Targets

Providing Shooting Metal Targets for Law Enforcement Agencies

Here at Metal Spinning Targets Inc. we are proud to create high-quality steel shooting targets for both military and law enforcement purposes. We offer a wide selection of both moving, reset targets, as well as full-size IPSC silhouette targets to help you gauge accuracy and training. Browse our selection of law enforcement targets today!

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  1. Pepper Popper 1/3 Scale- Rifle*

    FREE SHIPPING!! Rifle grade 14" tall 1/3 scale pepper popper X 3/8" thick Target weight-7# Learn More
  2. Full Scale Swinging IPSC-Rifle

    Full Scale Swinging IPSC-Rifle One 18" X 30" paddle X 3/8" thick Frame height-46" Frame width-29" Target weight-65# Learn More
  3. Full Sized Sniper/Hostage IPSC Targets-Rifle*

    Full Sized Sniper/Hostage IPSC Targets-Rifle One 18" X 30" IPSC paddle plus head paddle X 3/8" thick Frame height-44" Frame width-29" Target weight-82# Learn More
  4. Sniper/Hostage IDPA Targets-Rifle*

    Sniper/Hostage IDPA Targets-Rifle Learn More
  5. Swinging Pendulum Paper Target Holder*

    Take aim at improving your skills with this Swinging Pendulum Paper Target Holder which moves your target in a swinging pendulum motion as you shoot. Frame height - 30" Target weight- 60lbs Learn More
  6. Paper Target Stand *

    FREE SHIPPING!! Solid Steel Paper Target Stand 19 1/2" X 30" base Includes two 1" X 2" wood slates, 30" long Learn More
  7. Paper Target Stand-2 PACK*

    FREE SHIPPING!! Paper Target Stand - 2 PACK 2 19 1/2" X 30" bases Includes four 1" X 2" wood slats, 2 per base, 30" long Learn More
  8. Paper Target Stand-6 PACK*

    Paper Target Stand - 6 PACK Six 19 1/2" X 30" bases Shipped with two 1" X 2" X 30" wooden slats per base, but you may cut slats to preferred length Learn More
  9. Optional Base Rifle Grade Spinner

    FREE SHIPPING!! OPTIONAL BASE Base width dependent on target frame width-may vary Learn More
  10. Pepper Popper Full Size - Rifle

    42" Rifle-grade pepper popper One pepper popper shape w/12" circle diameter X 3/8" thick Frame height: 42" Target weight: 60 lbs. Learn More

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Showing 1 to 10 of 22 total

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