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Law Enforcement Targets

Providing Shooting Metal Targets for Law Enforcement Agencies

Here at Metal Spinning Targets Inc. we are proud to create high-quality steel shooting targets for both military and law enforcement purposes. We offer a wide selection of both moving, reset targets, as well as full-size IPSC silhouette targets to help you gauge accuracy and training. Browse our selection of law enforcement targets today!

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  1. Optional Base Pistol Grade Spinner

    FREE SHIPPING!! OPTIONAL BASE Base width dependent on target frame width-may vary Learn More
  2. Paper Target Stand-2 PACK*

    FREE SHIPPING!! Paper Target Stand - 2 PACK 2 19 1/2" X 30" bases Includes four 1" X 2" wood slats, 2 per base, 30" long Learn More
  3. Paper Target Stand *

    FREE SHIPPING!! Solid Steel Paper Target Stand 19 1/2" X 30" base Includes two 1" X 2" wood slates, 30" long Learn More
  4. 1/3 Scale Single Spinning Silhouettes - Pistol*

    FREE SHIPPING!! 1/3 Scale Single Spinning Silhouettes - Pistol Pistol-grade Steel Target Silhouette Frame height: 30" Frame width: 23" Target weight: 22lbs. Learn More
  5. Pepper Popper Knock Down Target (1/3 Scale) - Pistol*

    FREE SHIPPING!! Pistol grade Knock Down Target Product Size: 14" tall x 3/8" thick. Target weight: 7lbs Learn More

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5 Item(s)