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About Metal Spinning Targets

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Offering Custom Shooting Targets, Dueling Trees, Reset Targets & More!

Located in Maplewood, MN, Metal Spinning Targets, Inc. is a family owned and operated business.

Metal Spinning Targets has strived to create and design custom metal targets for shooting practice. We offer a variety of 3-gun targets for both casual target practice, hobbyists, and law enforcement. Our quality IPSC silhouette targets, reset targets, and law enforcement targets have helped grow our large customer base which includes police shooting ranges nationwide, the Circle K Regulaters and countless others that enjoy the sport of target shooting, hunting, and outdoor recreation.

With nearly 10,000 targets produced, Metal Spinning Targets Inc. has continued to grow thanks to word-of-mouth of from our valued customers and friends. We are now proud to offer our diverse range of products to the public through our website sales. Whether you are looking for hand-crafted reset targets, dueling trees, spinning steel shooting targets, or custom animal-shaped silhouettes, we have you covered.

Our targets are designed, manufactured, tested exclusively by us, and we are proud to say our products are made exclusively in the USA and sold directly to the customer! Don't settle for department or sporting goods store products that are manufactured outside of the USA. Trust metal Spinning targets to provide quality custom shooting targets for your shooting pleasure at an affordable value. With years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge & expertise to deliver a top of the line product & experience.

Our targets cover the entire range of calibers from pellet guns to the .50 BMG. We produce targets for any need or level of skill, including but not limited to military, law enforcement, shooting clubs, and everyday outdoorsmen who enjoy the sport of target shooting.

Email Us today at info@metaltargets.com to learn more about how we can provide a product to meet your needs!